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Floriculture Products Exporter


Omega Green is owned by a group of qualified experts with experience spanning over 30 years in the Field of floriculture. We take pride in our 15 hectare nursery situated in a climatically ideal location which enables us to produce health luxuriant plants of superior quality. in addition we are backed by about twenty more sub growers with nurseries comprising fifteen hectares in extent.

Another strong Contributory factor Behind our immense success in the Field of floriculture is our staff and labour  force. The men and Women we employ dedicate themselves to the task and perform  a truly satisfactory job of work.

With Our expertise and the use of appropriate technology we have been able to ensure the plants we produce are of superior quality second to none. They Have always given tremendous satisfaction to our customers throughout the world. Our ever growing clientele is an unmistakable indicator of the excellence of our Service.

About Omega Green



Omega Green (Pvt) Ltd is awarded a Presidential Export Award for the outstanding performance in the Floriculture sector in Sri Lanka.

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